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Antique Copper Clad Art Deco 9" Bust - Eleanor of Aragon - Francesco Laurana

Antique Copper Clad Art Deco 9" Bust - Eleanor of Aragon - Francesco Laurana

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Antique Copper Clad Art Deco Bust Eleanor of Aragon

9" wide x 9" tall

"Portrait Bust Of Eleanor Of Aragon (francesco Laurana)"

Portrait bust of Eleanor of Aragon princess, in Copper Clad stucco ... The original is a marble sculpture, made by the artist around 1468 ... The romantic charm of Eleanor of Aragon ... This bust is a probably 19th copy of Francesco Laurana, painter, sculptor and medalist from Croatia (1430-1502). Laurana is the first renowned sculptor to come to work in France (Marseille, Avignon, Le Mans). He spent another part of his career in Italy where he produced monumental pieces, including a triumphal arch at Castel Nuovo in Naples, for Alfonso V of Aragon (1416-1458). For this King of Aragon, Count of Barcelona and King of Sicily, Laurana executes the bust of Eleanor, her illegitimate daughter, today exhibited at the Palazzo Abatellis (museo nazionale) in Palermo, Sicily. He performs several from which emanates a melancholy charm. The Louvre also has the Portrait of a posthumous princess, dated 1471 in marble presumed to be of the same Infanta Eleonore of Aragon


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