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Bird 125-250MHz 20dB Directional Coupler - 50 ohms - 4278-111-2

Bird 125-250MHz 20dB Directional Coupler - 50 ohms - 4278-111-2

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Up for sale is this Bird 125-250MHz 20dB Directional Coupler - 50 ohms - 4278-111-2
This coupler offers a means of sampling power flowing in on direction in 50-ohm systems while excluding power flowing in the opposite direction.  This directivity assures that any reflected power will have only a minimal effect on the accuracy of forward power measurements, and vice versa.  VSWR measurements may be performed conveniently by using two couplers in a series-opposing connection.
Frequency Range: 125-250 MHz
Insertion Loss: 0.25dB maximum
Power: 200W CW, 3kW peak
Impedance: 50 ohms, nominal
Temperature Range: -55 to +85 deg C.
Connectors: N
Coupling Accuracy: +1.0dB, including variation and deviation from nominal
Dimensions: 11.5" x 1.9" x 0.75"


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