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Century 2.0 HP Round Flange 56J Full Rate Motor - ST1202 JH20FL1E K48N2N113A1

Century 2.0 HP Round Flange 56J Full Rate Motor - ST1202 JH20FL1E K48N2N113A1

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Up for sale is this UAK A.O Smith Century Corp. 2.0 HP Round Flange 56J Full Rate Motor


DIMENSIONS 16" L X 8" W X 6" D

ALTERNATE PART #'S 12039, 13300, 13800, 15027, 15226, 164567, 165114, 177027, 177033, 52012, 5KCR49UN2090X, B109, B130, B711, B773, B809, B836, C1102, C48M2DB11C10, C494, C56M2N111, C56M2N11A1, C56N2N104, C56N2N104A1, C56N2N105, C56N2N106, C56N2N107A1, C56N2T61, C56N2T61A1, C56N2T61A2, C56N2U11A1, C56N2U11A7, CT120C, CT220CE, EB130, EB809, K48M2N113, K48M2N113A1, K48N2N104, K48N2N104A1, K48N2N107A1, K48N2N107A2, K48N2N113A1, K48N2N113A3, K48N2N113A4, K56N2N100A1, SP1615Z1MBK, SP1615Z1MEE, SP1620Z1B, SP1620Z1BEE, SP1620Z1MEE, SP1620Z1MH, SPX1615Z1M, ST1202, 35-126-3028, AOS-60-5066, AOSST1202

Product Description

Voltage 230, Max Amps = 11.2, Single Speed, Round Flange, RPM = 3450, Threaded Shaft, Frame = 56J Used on the following FULL RATE ENERGY EFFICIENT models: Hayward Super II Energy Efficient, Hayward Northstar Full Rate and Jacuzzi Magnum Full Rate pumps.


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