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Dallee Electronics 367 - Grade Crossing Flasher Controller

Dallee Electronics 367 - Grade Crossing Flasher Controller

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Installation Instructions

  1. Route power from a 6-20 volt power supply to the Common and Input terminals on the flasher controller (if DC, use the Common terminal for the negative lead).
  2. Link the common wires from each light and attach them to the common terminal on the flasher.
  3. Connect the remaining power wire for each light to the lamp one and lamp two terminals (one in each).
Grade Crossing Flasher Control Module Wire Diagram

Three Rail Detection

Three rail detection is provided easily by using the outer rails to complete the common wire in the circuit.
Grade Crossing Flasher with Three Rail Detection

Two Rail Detection

Activating the flasher on a two rail layout requires the use of a detector, such as the Trak-DT.
Grade Crossing Flasher with Two Rail Detection

Technical Specifications

Item Number 367
Instructions Grade Crossing Flasher #367 Full Instructions
Grade Crossing Flasher Application and Examples
Grade Crossing Flasher Application using Lionel 153IR
Flash Speed (typical) 0.56 Hz - 2.5 Hz (half a second to two and a half times a second)
System Compatibility AC or DC Power
Current Handling 2.5 Amps per output
Power Input 6-20 Volts AC 6-25 Volts DC


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