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Mastercrafters Swinging Girl #119 Mantle Swing Time Electric Clock

Mastercrafters Swinging Girl #119 Mantle Swing Time Electric Clock

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This clock was made by Mastercrafters and Radio Company of Chicago, Illinois.
The movement was made by The Sessions Clock Company. It has been completely rebuilt, cleaned and lubricated over 3 man hours and is in guaranteed running condition.  It has been cleaned, however, no polishing or restorative work to the cosmetics has been performed in order to preserve enough patina that you KNOW it's old while it looks and works as new as an old item can.

Please see video & high resolution photos.  This is a well preserved specimen.

Mastercrafters started making cases made of bakelite in 1939. Bakelite is a type of synthetic plastic which was discovered in 1907. The case is in great condition.
This model is # 119 and is known as "Girl on a Swing"; however, it is also called "Mantle Swing Time".
This is the first animated clock they made!
Mastercrafters went on to make several animated clocks: Merry go Round, Bird on a Swing, Swinging Playmates, and they came in a wall model also.
Girl on a Swing in front of a cute cottage scene with a white picket fence.
Dimensions are Height 10", Width 7", Depth 4", and Weight 2 lbs. 
Circa 1950


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