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Miniature Electric Baseball World Champion Trade Stimulator by PEO

Miniature Electric Baseball World Champion Trade Stimulator by PEO

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Up for sale is this rare to find these days 1930's miniature electric baseball world champion trade stimulator tabletop 1¢ pinball game.

'Electric Baseball World Champion' 1 cent tabletop ball game trade stimulator was manufactured by Peo. Patented in 1931, this game machine has a top baseball playing field with baseball decals and baseball themed graphics. The cast iron front is mounted to a wedge shaped wood cabinet. Insert coin for inning at bat. Receive 3 metal balls to flip balls with aluminum bat handle and receive prize. "Player continues at bat until he makes 3 outs." Game of skill.  

This item was typically found in bars and in places where people congregated.  It was a low cost amusement meant to be operated by adults and children alike at a minimal cost so as not to offend any morality.

Decals and paint have fading and chipping. Measures (at base) 9.5" wide x 7.75" deep and 16" tall and weighs about 13lbs by itself.  Shipping weight has been set at 16lbs. in a 24x18x18 box to give room for generous use of packing material as there will only ever be less and never more of these.

Instructions for maintenance are silk screened internally on the back of the playing field.  The stimulator is an attic find and was acquired without a key, so 2 new keys have been professional cut for your convenience and are included. (Keys Included)  A small hole exists on the back, presumably for convenient retrieval and replay of the pennies that are required to operate it given that the key was not found with the item.  This item is otherwise in original, non modified condition to the best of my knowledge.

All of the mechanicals of the game play have been verified functional and working.  The game requires a battery, not included, for the lamps to illuminate.  The lamps have not been tested as the required battery voltage is unknown to me.

Item will be professionally packaged in an oversized box with insured signature delivery to assure that this item arrives to you securely in the condition that it has been promised to you.


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