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NOS Dallee Electronics #617 Turntable Indexer

NOS Dallee Electronics #617 Turntable Indexer

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NOS Dallee Electronics #617 Turntable Indexer.

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Sense of a this turntable indexer unit has been made with Simplicity of installation and use in mine. The unit consists of a printed circuit board with an infrared Optical reflective sensor attached. A 14 to 18 volt fixed AC input source is required to power the electronics and a variable DC source is required to power the turntable motor. The turntable motor is operated by merely turning on and off the power via the optical alignment when the turntable motor is set for off the indexer places a shunt resistor across the motor for a faster stop. Fabrication of brackets for stop positions is required by the user.

Operation of the turntable to the next position merely requires pressing the momentary push button and releasing when the present stop is cleared. The turntable will proceed, assuming that power is being applied to the motor, to the next stop. If you desire to continue, merely hold the push button until that stop position is cleared and release. You can also use a toggle switch to accomplish this function. Then you wouldn't merely turn the toggle switch on and set it to the off position when past the stop before the desired stop.


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