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Split Jaw 10100 100-B1 / 100-B Reversing Unit 2-AMP for Z thru G Gauge NOS

Split Jaw 10100 100-B1 / 100-B Reversing Unit 2-AMP for Z thru G Gauge NOS

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The Split Jaw Reversing Unit is a solid state electronic device that automatically reverses the train's direction. When the reversing unit senses a total lack of current flow, the timer starts counting down. Polarity reverses when the display reaches zero (0). This causes the status of the insulated ends to reverse. Diodes are used to connect the insulated ends to the powered rail. The unit also has two reversing outputs that can be used to indicate travel direction by powering signal lights or to operate auxiliary relays for automation purposes. Operation: When the Split Jaw Reversing Unit senses a lack of current flow, the timer for the reversing function starts. Therefore, travel time and distance traveled between destinations are not relevant. You can have multiple destinations. The two buttons control the amount of the time delay. By holding down the appropriate button the timing will ramp up or down. The setting will be retained when the unit is turned off. The delay time is shown only while the engine is running, because when the engine stops, the display shows the timer counting down. Each Split Jaw Reversing Unit is made from only high quality, commercial grade components. Each unit is thoroughly tested before shipping. Some of the possible uses for the Split Jaw Reversing Unit are: Wall or bookcase display track Break-in or test track for new engines Independent to and fro operation of trolley or other layout effects Christmas tree layout without having to circle the tree This unit works with all DC powered trains: Z thru G gauge including N - HO - O - G


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